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 Puff Furniture® KING SAC® 

Registered Trademarks dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of modern puff or bean bag and king sac. We have an orthopedic line of post-surgical and pregnancy pillows, in addition to breastfeeding cushions and lumbar support, in the Dominican Republic distributed by Hernandez Alameda S.R.L, RNC. 131-21064-3


Our models are contemporary, ergonomic, versatile and very comfortable, governed by the International Standards and High quality policies.

Our mission:
Give the population the right to always choose the best at a better price.

Quality-tested manufacturing satisfies the most sophisticated tastes.
Puff Furniture® wants to keep you in a total state of relaxation and comfort.
For any purpose that uses your PUFF FURNITURE® for business uses, libraries, hotels or business area and in homes, whether from watching TV, Reading, playing Video Games, Chatting with friends, or simply relaxing on the beach, we have your Puff for every occasion.


Our vision:
Give quality options and good prices to the public and
To be the brand of Puff and sac # 1 internationally


Our values:

Responsibility, Quality, A + Service, Commitment, and Guarantee.

Puff Furniture® king Sac® is the perfect Alternative to Modernize and decorate your spaces with Comfort & Style at unbeatable prices.

Phanie  Hernandez

I work in the sales area, I offer furniture consultancy in companies and I love customer service.

J. David Espinal

I am a Furniture Designer and I love creating different models every year, as well as creating custom furniture tailored to the client, a pleasure

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