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Return policy

Remind them that our products are for orders or commissions, for this reason we ask you to review your order with regard to color and dimensions, comfort, in order to be choosing the Puffs or king sac appropriate to your need. We use the basic colors, in case a supplier does not have the exact tonality of the sample we can achieve a similar tonality in the context of the same color using another supplier, clear all your doubts in our display shop before ordering.

We specify that we do not refund money, credit notes, do not change for another item, do not change for a lower value item, do not change fabric or color.



We are very sorry, but for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns for Puff Furniture or King Sac chairs. since it is a fabric article, apart from that they were manufactured and in turn personalized where you chose colors, dimensions, fabrics and on many occasions with embroidery and company logo.

We cannot accept returns on products purchased in opportunities and exhibitions.

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