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Characteristics of polystyrene filling

High resistance to compression
Polystyrene beads have a high resistance to compression thanks to their resilience. It can support a lot of weight without affecting its technical characteristics.


Moisture resistant
This material has almost zero water absorption. That is why our pieces of furniture filled with this material can remain in outdoor areas and be exposed to humidity without deteriorating.


It is an antibacterial material, it prevents the proliferation of fungi, bacteria, mites and other types of microorganisms, etc. It is a material that does not harbor insects or other bugs. You won't have to share your bean bag! It is also a rot-proof material, as we mentioned in the previous section, it does not rot, decompose or mold.


Resistant to extreme temperatures
This material has a great resistance to thermal and atmospheric oscillations. That is why our pieces of furniture filled with polystyrene balls can remain in outdoor areas, even in the epic summer with temperatures above 40ºc without losing their qualities.


Very economical
Polystyrene is much cheaper compared to other materials.


Not flammable
Our bean bag filling has a self-extinguishing (fire retardant) treatment against fire, this means that they do not spread fire and that they extinguish themselves as soon as the heat source is stopped.

For safety reasons, we advise you when you buy POLYSTYRENE pearls in any other place, other than Puff Furniture®, that you make sure of these characteristics, since if they do not receive this treatment the pearls can be very flammable.


Not toxic
This material is also odorless and NON-TOXIC and antiallergic. All these qualities make it an excellent element to live with all the members of the house.


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